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Harsh Kapadia's projects and resources.

Harsh Kapadia’s Projects

All of Harsh Kapadia’s projects.

Web Apps

Web App Front End Back End Live Demo Repo
Git Graph React.js - link link
OTC CatchUp HTML, CSS, JS, Asciidoctor Jet Node.js, Deta, Shell link link
HPS Gems HTML, CSS, JS PHP, MySQL, Heroku link link
Preview Markdown React.js, CSS - link link
IPL APP (AI) React.js Flask, scikit-learn link link
Attendance Manager Template Flask, Firebase link link
Counter React.js, CSS - link link
Calculator HTML, CSS, JS - link link
Food Oye (Mobile only) HTML, Bootstrap, JS Node.js, Firebase - link
1 or 2? (AI) HTML, CSS, JS Flask - link
Court Case Management HTML, CSS, JS Node.js, MongoDB - link


Template Front End Live Demo Repo
Asciidoctor Jet Asciidoctor, CSS, JS PWA link


Documentation Front End Web Site Repo
Git Internals Asciidoctor Jet PWA link
Performance Comparison of TCP Versions Asciidoctor link link
Computer Networking Jekyll link link
My Talks Jekyll link link
Linux Jekyll link link
Dotfiles - - link
git_basics Asciidoctor Jet PWA or Play Store (TWA) link
Web Dev Jekyll link link
CLI Jekyll link link
Docker Jekyll link link
RegEx HTML, JS link link
Cloud Jekyll link link
Assembly - - link


Script Repo
Dynamic DNS link
Git Server link
Pimoroni Badger 2040 link

Web Sites

Web Site Front End Live Demo Repo
My portfolio HTML, CSS, JS link link
Our Tech Community HTML, CSS, JS link link
Car Details (Viz & Prediction) Rendered RMarkdown link link
Selena Gomez’s Bio HTML, CSS, JS PWA link
Linguistic World HTML, CSS, JS link link
LBL tribute page HTML, CSS link link
Heartry HTML, CSS link link
Challenges page HTML, CSS, JS link link
Contact Us page HTML, CSS, JS link link
Marksheet replica (Desktop only) HTML, CSS link link


SDK Language npm Repo
@nanonets/optical-character-recognition JavaScript link link
@nanonets/image-classification JavaScript link link

GitHub Actions

GitHub Action GitHub Marketplace Repo
Deta Deploy link link

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Tech Stack Live Demo Repo
HYS Gems React Native - link
Nanonets OCR React Native - link

Desktop Apps

Desktop App Front End Back End Live Demo Repo
Library Management System Java (Netbeans drag and drop) Java, JDBC, MySQL - link