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Harsh Kapadia's projects and resources.

My web dev path

Everyone has their own journey and this has been mine up till now!

My method of learning

My working process

Learn and apply in an infinite loop.

TIP: Don’t do long courses or tutorial series.

My path

Front end


TIP: At this point, make a static website. (Eg: Your portfolio website or the front end for a larger project to which you can add the back end later.)

General back end prerequisites


JS back end

Python back end


JS front end frameworks/libraries

I still have to do this

TIP: Choose any ONE of the below frameworks/libraries to get started with.

TIP: Make a dynamic website. (Eg: Either add a back end to the previously made front end or make a new webapp from scratch.)

Common path for everyone


TIP: Deploy the web site/web app that you made!

The Missing Semester of CS Education

Character Sets and Encoding